General Questions

How do I create an account on the CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD platform?

On the registration page, type in your e-mail address and a secure password to sign in to your account. Registration in itself is considered confirmation of the user's consent to the existing user agreement and privacy policy.

I forgot my account password, what do I do?

After you have verified that your account password has actually been forgotten or irretrievably lost, use the password recovery feature. Click "Restore Access", enter the e-mail address to which the account is registered, and click "Restore". Expect an email with further instructions. If you have not received a letter within 3 minutes, check the spam folder.

How do you ensure the protection and security of the platform and my investments?

Our company has a specialized security unit that provides a wide range of measures to protect business and personal information. In particular, reliable and verified protection against DDOS attacks, SSL encryption of all user data being transferred, and unique security software algorithms instantly uncovers any attempt to commit illegal actions.

Investing & withdraw Questions

Can I lose my investment?

Each registered user is warned of the multiple financial risks of the associated investment activities on the CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD platform, and correctly understands the company's implied economic business strategies.

How do I leave a deposit / how do I invest?

Select an investment plan having gone through the details of the payment terms, select the available payment system, and specify the amount in USD that you want to invest. If you invest in cryptocurrency, you will be recalculated according to the current exchange rate. Click "Pay". A deposit in cryptocurrency is placed no more than 30 minutes after the time of its placement.

Why can't we invest in stocks of popular companies ourselves?

The minimum purchase of shares for some products from companies is from $1 million or more. Not every user can afford to invest such an amount.

When is the deposit activated in cryptocurrency after it is paid?

In order for a deposit made in cryptocurrency to be activated in a private office, the transaction must be verified by the blockchain cryptocurrency network. In most cases, this occurs within 15 minutes, but sometimes the transaction takes longer.

How does an investment plan work?

The investment plan works for 365 days. After the end of the period, the investment plan ends its work.

Can I insure my investment?

Yes, you can insure any of your investments, the insurance amount is + 5% of the investment amount.

How is investment insurance?

Investments are insured by an official Switzerland bank. Payments of insurance investments come within 108 hours after our appeal to the bank.

How are insurance investments paid?

Insurance investments can be paid up to 90% of lost funds (in the event of force majeure according to a preliminary assessment of damage by the company itself).
You can also request an instant calculation of insurance payments after 10 days of investment, in the amount of 50%.

Instant insurance payments are calculated according to the following scheme:

The number of days remaining * for the investment amount / for 365 days = Amount of the remaining deposit - 50% = Amount accrued due to insurance.

For example, take:
The number of days remaining - 125
Investment amount - $250
Total period 365 days

125 * $250/365 = $85.61 - 50% (Compulsory insurance benefits will be $42.80)

125 * $250/365 = $85.61 - 90% (Insurance payments (as decided by the company) will amount to $77.05)
* After calculating insurance payments, the investment portfolio will be stopped.

What restrictions apply to the size of investments and the withdrawal of funds?

The minimum amount available to place as a deposit is 50 USD. You can leave an unlimited number of deposits. The maximum amount available to place as a deposit is 50,000 USD. You can leave an unlimited number of deposits. The minimum amount available for output from the account balance is 0,1 USD.

Which payment systems are available to carry out cash transactions?

We work with the most convenient and popular payment services, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, BitcoinCash, Payeer, will soon be available to PerfectMoney, AdvancedCash.

When will a profit be sent from the placed deposit?

On daily investment plans, profits are sent every 24 hours from the time the deposit is activated in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.

How do I withdraw my earnigs from my balance?

On the money withdraw page, select a payment system, the personal account information that you want to use to check out cash, specify the amount of output, and confirm the payment. Click "Withdraw Funds".

When will the money be on my account in the payment system?

Operations for the withdrawal of instantaneous and are carried out automatically.

I made a withdraw, but there is no money on my account, what do I do?

Please don't worry. Contact your support service at least 24 hours after you made the withdraw. We're most likely already aware of this problem and we'll solve it before you contact us.

What is a referral?

A referral is a user who has registered with CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD through your personal referral link.

Where can I find my personal referral link?

The referral link is in your personal account in the "Partners" section

What is an upline and how do I know if I have one?

An upline is a user whose referral link you registered on our platform. Your upline will be listed under the account creation form, as well as in your personal account in the "Partners" section

How do I participate in the affiliate program?

Invite your friends, acquaintances, or business partners to make their deposit totals. Your payload will depend on the total number of funds made available by your first, second or other 8 level referrals. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the payback ranking system on the Partners page in more detail.

When will I see the referral bonus?

The rebate is automatically sent when the deposit of your referral is activated.

What are the restrictions on the amount of funds I can make?

You can make an unlimited amount of funds from an unlimited number of referrals.

I did not find the answer to my question?

Contact us in technical support, we will answer your questions: