General Information

This user agreement is a legal document overseeing civil formal and informal relations between the user and CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD. This user agreement is publicly available on the CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD website.

Registration on the CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD platform confirms the the user's absolute concent with each paragraph of this agreement. In the event of failure to comply with any portion of the text, the user must immediately leave the platform, without taking investment actions on CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD.

The user confirms that he is financially independent, with both social and material well-being, achieved through legitimate methods without a doubt among private or public authorities.

The user has been warned of the innumerable financial risks of involved in investment activities on the CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD platform and correctly understands the implied economic business strategies of the company. We do not recommend investments in any amount, if their loss will significantly affect the user's personal financial well-being.

The user is eligible for financial gain through investment under the terms of the current investment plans, as well as for the user's participation in the Affiliate Program. This is equal to the amount of the interest rate corresponding to the status of the partner according to the rank system of the program.

You have the right to receive qualified assistance from the Technical Support service on any issues that arise directly related to the platform's work within 24 hours of the request being sent through the feedback form or via other published contact information.

The user has been warned of the responsibility to point out false information on any personal data, bad faith in the protection of personal confidential information at the domestic level, and public expression of information smearing the reputation of CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD.

CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD application of personal user information obtained as a result of its investment activities on the CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD platform is moderated by the privacy policy included in this user agreement.

In the event of disputes or other conflict situations, CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD reserves the right to finally resolve differences between parties as to the agreement.

The CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD Company is not liable for damage caused to the user because of the fraudulent actions of third parties, as well as other financial, proprietary or moral losses resulting from the use of the platform.

Any part of this user agreement may be partially adjusted or completely modified without written or other warnings to CENTRIC CAPITAL LTD users.